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Nirvana 1 Release Notes

2011-February-24 (build 852)

maintenance release

  • fixed the "blank screen" bug on mobile version
  • some optimizations for better server-side performance

2011-February-17 (build 849)

  • maintenance release

2010-August-11 (build 838)

  • server tweakage

2010-August-11 (build 836)

Maintenance Release


  • restored [empty trash] button in Trash view - appears only if trash contains items
  • restored [collect completed items] button in Archive view - appears only if items are available to collect
  • fixed glitch where switching from Scheduled to Inbox wouldn't take
  • fixed default prefs on new account creation (show both Today and Active Project tasks in Next)


  • fixed tag filtering in mobile app
  • fixed Next in mobile app

2010-July-23 (build 831)

Fixes / Tweaks

  • quickentry text field no longer clears when focus is lost (hit escape to clear it)
  • completed tasks in Today with a past due date can now be removed from Today
  • fixed bug where a previous set effort/time of 10 minutes was not being pre-selected in the pulldown menu during task edit
  • tagcoud items are now visually deselected when clicking on a list (Inbox, Today etc)
  • applied fix to prevent event firing of hotkeys when focus is input type=password (account dialog)
  • clicking on a list item (Inbox, Today...) always grabs latest changes from server -- no more seemingly missing scheduled or emailed tasks (this is a workaround until we rectify polling to pull in changes behind the scenes)
  • added system message if build numbers change between visits
  • revised support/unsupported browser copy to more articulate
  • mobile webapp now indicates if a task has tags/notes and displays task's area of responsibility in lists (but we are still missing waiting and scheduled lists... grrrr)

2010-July-12 (build 820)

Fixes / Tweaks

  • Fixed some wonky javascript that was causing some browsers to respond sluggishly
  • Removed standalone project name listings from Next/Later views (as we will be migrating away from this paradigm)
  • Moved Later down to above Someday (to get it out of the way while we figure out what we're going to do with it)

2010-June-30 (build 811)

New Features / Enhancements

  • Scheduled
  • Toggle Icon (star) for Add/Remove from Today
  • Toggle Icon (book) for Active/Inactive Projects
  • Quickentry textfield for rapid task entry
  • Multi-Drag/Drop (firefox, chrome, safari)
  • Preferences for Fonts / Background

Known Issues

  • Multi-Drag/Drop not working in Internet Explorer (8)
  • Perceived sluggishness with rapid entry on slow connections (better visual feedback is necessary)
  • Other issues, to be listed later

2010-May-20 (build 763)

Bug Fixes / Tweaks

  • fix: keyboard shortcuts no longer fire when dialogs are visible
  • fix: keyboard shortcuts no longer fire multiple times on a single keydown event
  • fix: assigning a task to a contact (waiting for) no longer drops the task's association with it's area of focus
  • fix: restored experimental smartlist creation
  • fix: datepicker no longer throws errors in internet explorer

2010-May-12 (build 755)

New Feature: Areas of Responsibility

  • Initial release includes ability to create Areas of Responsibility by clicking on Areas in the top navi
  • Select the Area you'd like to focus on via the drop-down menu in the left navi
  • Inbox, Archive and Trash items are globally accessible, regardless of which Area you are currently focused on
  • Assign tasks / projects to an Area via the drop-down menu to the right of each item
  • When a Project is assigned to an Area, all tasks within inherit their Area from that project
  • Dragging an item from the Inbox to Today, Next, Someday, Waiting For, Projects while an Area is in "Focus" assigns the item to that Area
  • Creating a new task or project while in an Area automatically assigns them to that area (exception: Inbox)
  • Read the Knowledge Base article on Areas of Responsibility

Updated: Mobile web app

  • Revisited jqtouch (www.jqtouch.com) for more elegant transitions between "screens"
  • Added support for Areas of Responsibility (must be setup via desktop browser first)
  • Known issues: requires browser refresh to see newly added/removed Areas of Responsibility; ability to manage Projects is still spotty; minor visual glitches to be smoothed out; need better icons/buttons in a few places


  • Nirvana now barks when trying to move an item from Today to Next if item is due
  • Dragging an item to Someday now removes the due date
  • Reworked some of the javascript overhead in an attempt to reduce occurrences of Slow Script warnings
  • Upgraded jquery to v1.4.2, along with some other supporting libraries (geek geek)

2010-Apr-08 (build 665)

Fixes / Tweaks

  • Daily Tickler emails no longer include completed items
  • Fixed some print issues (excessive left margin, unnecessary context menu)
  • Significantly reduced the likelihood of encountering the "slow script" javascript alert
  • Added Fluid 0.9.6 http://fluidapp.com/ to the list of supported browsers (it's just a wrapper for Safari anyway)
  • Hovering over Nirvana logo inside the app reveals current build number

2010-Apr-01 (build 644)


2010-Mar-24 (build 623)

Bug Fix

2010-Mar-23 (build 622)

Bug Fixes

  • Task Note / Subtask check box functionality has been restored
  • Fixed a rare condition where Waiting For and other Manage Contacts related operations would hang
  • Pop-over dialogs no longer render beyond the window height. Scroll bars appear as they should.

2010-Mar-19 (build 619)

Compound Context Filtering

  • Click on a tag to filter by just that one tag
  • Control-click (windows) / Command-click (mac) to select and filter by multiple tags
  • Creating new tasks while tags are selected will auto-populate those tags in the new task
  • Task sorting is now allowed even when tags are selected

2010-Mar-13 (build 615)

Nirvana Mobile v2.0

  • http://nirvanahq.com/m
  • completely rewritten from the ground up, modeled after touch.facebook.com
  • removed jQTouch library for now... was slowing things down


2010-Mar-2 (build 538)

ViewToggle logic overhaul:

  • we now preserve expanded/collapsed views during task updates, and even when clicking between lists

New Feature: Checklists (ergo subtasks)

2010-Feb-28 (build 535)

Reworked context menu logic

  • we now attach listeners on click, and use hoverintent to detect delayed mouseout to unbind the listeners. this should help us get around the problem of pages slowing down as more and more tasks are listed on a single page, as we only have one context menu active at any time.

2010-Feb-18 (build 493)

Daily Ticklers

  • nirvana can now automatically send your Today list items to you via email
  • login to your account and click on account settings to select which days of the week you'd like to be tickled

Email to Inbox

  • create new tasks by sending an email to your nirvana inbox
  • login to your account and click on account settings to find your inbox email address
  • subject line becomes the new task name, use the email body to include notes
  • note: emails must be less than 100 kb, and attachments will be stripped (for now)


  • nirvana set to use gravatars within the application
  • gravatars will be used for upcoming features such as activity timelines, shared projects and comments


  • login screen and app connections are now https encrypted
  • login screen no longer barks about chrome 5
  • a few edge case js/jquery bugs squashed
  • intermittent css problems seen by a few users should be resolved
  • easter egg - hotkey ! :-)

2010-Jan-12 (build 380)

new theme for 2010

  • the look and feel of the nirvana application has been updated
  • this will become the css baseline for community contributed custom themes

context tagging autosuggest

  • nirvana now suggests tags for tasks based on previous tags you've used
  • note: all tags are now converted to lowercase on-the-fly... for tag de-duping and performance reasons

speed boost

  • some invisible server tweaks were made to further speed things up

2009-Dec-5 (build 360)

New Feature: Waiting For

  • drag a task to Waiting For (left navi) - Nirvana will prompt to assign a contact
  • create a new task while inside Waiting For - Nirvana will prompt to assign a contact
  • click context menu to the right of each task to assign/reassign/unassign contacts
  • click on assigned contact name to send an email: task name becomes subject, notes become the message body
  • added button "manage contacts" inside Waiting For for adding/editing/removing contacts
  • added link to top navi "contacts" for adding/editing/removing contacts


  • fixed some css weirdness in ie8
  • fixed some minor bugs relating to task sort preservation
  • fixed a character encoding glitch where accented characters were getting squashed in some places

2009-Nov-20 (build 355)

improved project / task management

  • projects now distinguish between inactive vs. someday/inactive
  • task context menu now has submenu for move task to project...
  • project context menu now has option to move to / remove from someday

new community page (no longer direct to community.nirvanahq.com)

  • quick links sidebar
  • link to blog
  • link to twitter
  • link to tender public discussion
  • link to tender faq / knowledge base

in app top links updated to leverage tender

  • getting started
  • release notes
  • feedback
  • help

fixed export duedate formatting bug (was missing space between date and taskname)

2009-Oct-28 (build 342)

More bug squashing and visual tweaks

  • Tasks can now be set to pop into your Today list "x" days before the due date
  • Next view now gives the option to suppress tasks marked as Today
  • Next view has the ability to suppress upcoming Projects
  • Added a link to Getting Started tutorial in the top navi
  • Mark-as-today toggle on the right edge of each task is now a pulldown menu, in anticipation of some upcoming features
  • Fixed a really nasty bug where trashing a project wasn't removing it completely from certain views
  • Empty Trash now works as advertised
  • Reduced the amount of network chatter between the browser and nirvana servers

iPhone Webapp (experimental) (10/25/2009) Visit www.nirvanahq.com on your iPhone to check out an early release of Nirvana, specifically tailored to mobile Safari. Not all features of the standard web version are implemented, but we've found it helpful to be able to review and add quick tasks on the go. We will be optimizing for speed in the weeks ahead.

Numerous Bug Fixes + Minor UX tweaks (9/14/2009) It has been a long time in coming, but today we release a significantly overhauled backend system to support future growth of Nirvana. Most of the changes are "invisible" behind the scenes improvements, but they lay the groundwork for faster development and more rapid release of features as we move forward. We have tested this release as thoroughly as we can and are 99% confident that we haven't broken anything, but do let us know if you notice something has gone awry. The feedback link in the top navi is our best friend.

Better Print Support (7/28/2009) By popular demand, we've improved how Nirvana prints. Still some polishing to do, but at least one can now print without the extraneous top and left navigation.

Improved layout of Export to Email (7/27/2009) Some users were experiencing problems with the Nirvana Export feature. We made a few changes. Let us know if it is still troublesome.

Updated User Interface (7/3/2009) We've done a complete overhaul of the UI for improved compatibility with all current web browsers, and to accommodate a bunch of forward-looking features we're working on. Some minor functionality has been lost, but should be restored again soon (such as sorting of active projects in the left pane, and resizing the width of the left pane). On the plus side, we've added the ability to collapse lists, to expand / contract the amount of data displayed per task, and generally sped up the response of a lot of eye-candy animations and drag/drop functionality.

Delegation and Shared Projects - delayed (7/3/2009) We've decided to re-implement task delegation and combine it with the upcoming shared projects functionality. As such, the Delegate item in the left navi has been temporarily removed. There are a lot of technical reasons for this that we won't bore you with, but suffice it to say that when delegation comes back it is going to be significantly better and well worth the wait! Thanks for your patience.

Export (5/29/2009) Click "Export" in the top navi to send your Nirvana to-dos to your email inbox.

Task Counts (5/15/2009) The number of tasks in your Inbox, Today and Trash are now displayed in the left navi.

Internet Explorer Users Welcome (5/7/2009) Nirvana now works in Internet Explorer 8, and works reasonably well in Internet Explorer 7. Note: we do not plan on supporting any older versions of Internet Explorer.

Account Settings Dialog (4/12/2009) Click on your name in the top navi to update your info, change your name, email address or password.

Keyboard Shortcuts (4/5/2009) We've added shortcuts for common features like creating new tasks, new projects, jumping to Today, Inbox, Next etc. This is the web, so fugeddabout modifier keys like ctrl or alt. Cheat-sheet: Press 1 for Inbox, 2 for Today, 3 for Next, 4 for Scheduled (coming soon), 5 for Someday, 6 for Projects, 7 for Delegated, 8 for Archive, 9 for Trash, n for New Task, esc for Cancel.

Global Search (4/1/2009) Sometimes it's easier to search for a task than trying to remember where a task is filed.

Archive (3/31/2009) The Archive is for storing completed tasks, freeing them from cluttering up your To Do lists. It's an alternative to the Trash, which when emptied deletes tasks forever. Click Archive » collect now, to move completed items from all lists and projects to the Archive.

Visual Feedback (3/30/2009) Submit buttons and checkboxes now animate during network activity, providing valuable feedback especially if your connection is temporarily a tad sluggish.

Projects (3/26/2009) You can now create projects by clicking on Projects > new project, or by dragging a task to Projects in the left navi. Newly created projects will appear in the left navi under Active Projects, where you can easily drag tasks from your Inbox or from any other task list. Drag a project to Someday to make it inactive. Drag a project from Someday to Projects to make it active again. Drag project tasks to Today as needed to make sure you don't miss a beat!