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Nirvana 2 Preview

The upcoming Nirvana 2, a work-in-progress, is available for preview. There are a lot of discussions pertaining to Nirvana 2 out there, but we thought it would be good to summarize some key points here.

Nirvana 2 is still feature INCOMPLETE! We cannot emphasize this enough. We are letting the adventurous take it for a spin so that we can learn where we stand on a number of engineering related issues. You can view our frequently updated release notes here.

Here is what we have concluded thus far.

Nirvana 2 development focus at this time will be limited to:


  • Chrome latest stable
  • Safari latest stable
  • Firefox latest stable
  • Internet Explorer, with Chrome Frame installed (experimental)

Note: as of ChromeFrame 11 (11.0.696.57) the CF bug still exists, and the use of IE with CF is not recommended http://blog.nirvanahq.com/2011/04/01/bug-in-chrome-frame-drops-n2-s...

UPDATE: ChromeFrame 12 (12.0.742.100, file date 13-Jun-2011) now appears to be working in IE 8 / 9, based on a limited amount of testing.


  • iOS 4+
  • Android 2.2+

Here are the URL's you need to know about:

The Desktop browser version of Nirvana 2 lives at

The Mobile browser version of Nirvana 2 lives at

In order to run offline, we recommend you bookmark these URLs for easy access!

Please note:

  • These URLs do not begin with www
  • These URLs do begin with https


How do I get access to Nirvana 2 ?

  1. You must already have an existing Nirvana account
  2. Point your browser to https://account.nirvanahq.com/migration
  3. Follow the simple steps outlined at that URL... and please please please read the disclaimers before you commit.
  4. At this point, you can only perform the migration one-time. You can't re-migrate.

What if this is not for me and I want to stay on the current Nirvana?

This is simple ... there is nothing you need to do. If you've given Nirvana 2 a try and for whatever reason decide it's not for you, no worries. Your regular account is still intact. It continues to live at www.nirvanahq.com as you've known it all along.

But Wait, I added a bunch of tasks in Nirvana 2 and they don't appear when I login to my old account

That is true. And we emphasized this quite heavily in those screens you read while going through the migration, remember?! When you "migrate" we simply make a copy of your data and load it into Nirvana 2 to give you something to play with. There is no mechanism to merge Nirvana 2 data back into Nirvana 1. This is all a part of being on the bleeding edge folks.

But I liked the way things were in Nirvana 1

We did mention that Nirvana 2 is incomplete! At least I think we did. And that we are focusing on core engineering related issues at the moment, right? right?!!

OK, so when will Nirvana 2 be ready for prime time?

Soon, very soon. But, we will not go live half-baked. This is a PREVIEW. What we learn from this experience will help inform our final release planning.

Do you have a detailed roadmap with target dates?

Alas, we are a small team, and do not have spare resources in reserve like some of the big guys. When unexpected things come up that require multiple minds to solve, it means that some other action items go on hold. It's just the nature of a small startup, alas. Limited resources, limited time. Every time we've even hinted at a target date, it has come back to bite us. But of course you want to know. We get that. So we'll continue to do our best to give rough ETAs as we go, but please understand that if we let you down by missing a date, it's not that we're being disrespectful. It's obviously in our interest to get things done and pushed live sooner rather than later. We're all doing our best, which is really all that one can ask of another. Hopefully, our best will be good enough, as they say -- though of course we're aiming for a much higher standard than that!

Is there a bug tracking system where I can see known/outstanding issues?

We're trying to figure out the best way to make this available publicly, but at the moment only internal staff have access to it. Any suggestions?

In the mean time, here are some issues that we are well aware of and trying to address:

  • context / contact management is half-baked
  • many other features from 1.0 have yet to be ported to the 2.0 framework, but they will be

And to repeat:

  • outside of the browsers we listed at the top of this article, all bets are off
  • firefox 3.6's javascript engine cannot keep up... which is why we decided to drop it.
  • nirvana 2 will not run on internet explorer at this time (without ChromeFrame 12+)
  • nirvana 2 will not run on iOS 3.x devices
  • nirvana 2 will not run on Android 2.1 or older devices

There are a lot of discussions going on about Nirvana 2 issues. This help system unfortunately does not have a global tagging mechanism, so the best ways to find what people are talking about is to search on Nirvana 2.0 or N2.


I've been using Nirvana 2, but now I can't seem to login

Nirvana 2 caches data locally in your web browser to facilitate offline use. This means that if you're logged in to N2 and then lose your connection, N2 will continue to function just fine. N2 will sync any changes you've made the next time a connection to nirvanahq.com is available.

This means, however, that if you logout from your account in a location without a connection to nirvanahq.com servers (such as on a plane, or behind an aggressive corporate firewall) you will not be able to re-login until a connection to nirvanahq.com is available again.

Nirvana 2 sometimes requires changes to the underlying structure of the data stored locally in your browser. These changes are performed automatically, and really you shouldn't even need to know about this. However, in rare circumstances where your local data structure is not automatically updated (such as between major N2 upgrades) you may need to perform a manual reset. You can do this by visiting https://app.nirvanahq.com/reset on any device where you may be experiencing problems. NOTE: This action will log you out from N2 and require that all of your data be re-fetched from the cloud, so make sure you're connected to the internet before performing a reset.

If you have any questions about this or anything else, please feel free to ask.