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Nirvana 2 Release Notes

This is a running list of fixes that will be updated as we release changes to Nirvana 2.

Due to the nature of html5 caching, you may need to refresh your browser a number of times to ensure you are on the latest build. The build you are running appears in the top navi (desktop) or at the bottom of the home screen (mobile).

For more general information about the Nirvana 2 Preview please read this.

2012-March-02 (build 421)

New Pref - Projects - Sort: Manually / Alphabetically
New Pref - Logbook - Move completed items to the Logbook: Manually / Immediately
New Pref - Areas - Include / Exclude unassigned items from list views when Global Area Filtering applied

UI: new right-clickable - left navi Next for view options
UI: new right-clickable - left navi Focus for view options
UI: new right-clickable - left navi Project for view options
UI: new right-clickable - tags in filter bar for re-assigning tag type (area/context/contact)
UI: text input placeholders now visible in IE9

Core: minor data model tweaks to prep for future updates

2012-January-24 (build 391)

BUG FIX: to address a rare edge case where a repeating task could yield spawned tasks named "(untitled)" on save … related to timestampage that we missed in build 390.

2012-January-24 (build 390)

BUG FIX: build 389 wasn't reflecting task changes received from the cloud properly in the UI. Changes were being posted just fine, but the local cache wasn't being updated properly due to a timestamp comparison bug.

NOTE: this fix requires a clean logout / login to correct itself.

2012-January-22 (build 389)

UI: new font options in settings
UI: direct linking to evernote:// in task notes

Fix: when creating a task with new tags, filter bar was not redrawing to reflect new tags
Fix: client-side repeating task processing was occasionally spawning tasks with (untitled) as the name

2012-January-13 (build 379)

UI: New Themes!
UI: Collapsable task groupings!
UI: Effort (time/energy) now consistently appear in that order throughout the app
UI: Context filtering bar spruce up (time/energy/due outlined, areas are square, other tags remain oval)

Core: Refresh button now fetches all account data (rather than just incremental changes since last refresh)

Fix: Rapid entry within Projects now honors user pref for parallel/sequential on enter (create)
Fix: No more console warnings in chrome re: event.layerX and event.layerY being deprecated in WebKit
Fix: Login panel "help" and "not me" links now work for everyone (to the best of our knowledge)

2011-December-13 (build 358)

MAKE SURE YOU READ THE BLOG POST SECTION ABOUT DOING A RESET ON YOUR BROWSER(S) http://blog.nirvanahq.com/2011/12/14/new-n2-build-358-cloud-intelli...

Core: due, scheduled and repeating tasks are now calculated and spawned server side
Core: local timezone auto-detected and updated on user account at login
Core: creating tasks via email now routed through new mail service; tld changed to nirvanahq.in
Core: n2 email ticklers ... phase1

UI: Energy and Time filtering is now contextual; only shows values that matter
UI: Energy and Time filtering is reset when switching views to remove confusion
UI: All and None tag behaviour is now consistent and intuitive for new users
UI: Restored tri-state button for task note detail rendering

CSS: dialog buttons have better defined edges / corners
CSS: context bar tags are now all bubble like and more consistent
CSS: reworked left navi to avoid "dead-zones" where clicking would sometimes not catch
CSS: contrast and font sizes adjusted for better legibility on sub-par consumer screens
CSS: mobile css adjusted to provide multi-line task details in list views

fixed bug where contextual menus and dialog prompts would sometimes render way off coordinates
fixed bug where switching areas would not correctly refresh the page under certain conditions
fixed bug where selected tags in context filter bar were not being assigned to project tasks
fixed bug where creating a new project via hotkey 'p' while viewing inbox would not inherit current area
fixed bug where emptying trash or collecting completed items would sometimes require a double take
fixed bug in mobile where swipe to delete would not remove deleted item from screen without a refresh
fixed bug in task counts where numbers were sometimes inflated when working offline and deleted tasks were not yet posted to the cloud

2011-November-10 (build 330)

Bug Fix: tasks/projects placed in Focus on due date
Bug Fix: tasks/projects placed in Focus on scheduled date
Bug Fix: repeating tasks placed in Focus on spawn date

2011-October-25 (build 328)

Quick Fix: dragging from Inbox to Next was not honoring preference to assign to selected area... now it is.

2011-October-24 (build 327)

Quick Hit: restored ability to show/hide the Rapid Entry text box (via account settings or hotkey: e)

2011-October-24 (build 326)


  • Rapid Entry field moved into main task window, rather than being a separate panel at the bottom
  • Area filtering menu has been moved to top navi to better indicate global nature
  • Search now limits to selected Area
  • Logbook now shows completed items from selected Area only
  • Focus has been moved to provide better visual grouping of GTD lists, resulting in a more natural GTD workflow (inbox --> next / waiting / scheduled / someday)
  • Scheduling / Rescheduling tasks and projects now automatically removes them from Focus (un-star) until the new start date arrives
  • When filing items from Inbox to other lists, there is a new preference setting to enable/disable automatic assignment to the globally selected Area
  • When marking a project completed, any incompelte tasks remaining in the project are also marked completed (rather than cancelled)
  • Inactive Project tasks do not show the "focus star" icon. This is to alleviate confusion as inactive project tasks are supressed from Focus anyway. This goes for Scheduled and Someday projects as well.
  • Tasks can no longer be removed from Focus if they are due
  • Hotkeys: numeric keys 1-9 have been remapped to reflect new list order in left navi
  • Hotkeys: comma for prefs, "g" for Tag Library, "r" for Refresh (formerly sync)
  • Added "Email this" to tasks, ala N1

Desktop Refinements:

  • Less translucence and better buttons for all dialogs and prompts
  • When creating new tasks inline, Nirvana does a better job of scrolling up/down to ensure that the task edit panel is within view
  • Visual indication in main task area when showing an Area-filtered subset of tasks
  • Visual indication in left navi when new build is available
  • Getting Started and What's New section added to Account menu (top right)
  • Expanded notes are collapsed on completion
  • Updated Login screen

Desktop Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where creating a new task within a project within the context of an Area would result in double tagging of Area
  • Fixed a bug where renaming a tag with double quotes would sometimes fail
  • Fixed a bug where editing tags would sometimes fail to repaint the screen to reflect the change
  • Fixed a bug where hitting Enter when prompted for a Waiting For contact no longer fails to catch
  • Fixed a bug where a task might not be immediately saved to the cloud (though it was always being picked up during the regular sync interval)
  • Fixed a bug where repeating task preview of "next dates" would sometimes not being repainted on screen
  • Fixed a bug where reordering projects in the main view would cause the left navi tag cloud area to jump around
  • Fixed a bug where converting a task into a project via drag/drop onto projects was not honoring sequential/parallels user pref
  • Repeating tasks are now timestamped to the "effective" creation date, which should reduce side-effects when merging spawned tasks from multiple devices
  • Minor css / layout tweaks for better consistency between browsers / os


  • Compatibility fix to work on iOS5 Safari
  • Optimizations to reduce the need for ajax connection retries
  • Last update from server is displayed on Home screen (date/time)
  • Visual indication on Home screen when new build is available
  • Updated Login screen

2011-August-14 (build 279)

New Features and Improvements:

  • Native support for Internet Explorer 9
  • Right-click to modify selected items in one shot
  • Tag Management UI cleanup


  • Assignment of new contacts when dragging to Waiting works properly again
  • Unified Next List no longer skips to the next sequential project action if a scheduled or waiting task precedes it
  • Unified Next List no longer gets confused if a completed item has not been collected to logbook

2011-July-29 (build 269)

Bug Fix: when creating a new project, account setting for defaulting to parallel vs sequential is now being honored.

2011-July-29 (build 268)

Bug Fix: Under certain conditions Firefox 5 was rendering without user data, just an empty shell. Firefox still gets confused between html5 offline vs it's own "firefox" offline modes... so we had to revert some code to keep everything working. Alas, this means still no html5 offline mode for FF users.

Use Chrome if you want to run offline.

2011-July-29 (build 267)

New Features and Improvements:

  • Tag Cloud
  • Relative Due Dates (due tomorrow, 3 days late)
  • New Task / Project dialogs as popup (hot keys 't' and 'p' respectively)
  • Clicking Cancel when creating a new task no longer leaves a dangling task
  • Clicking Cancel when creating a new project no longer leaves a dangling project
  • Account Setting to create New Projects as either parallel or sequential by default
  • Firefox now does the html5 cache manifest thing to allow working offline
  • Shift+Return hot key combo makes Task edit dialog save changes (even when typing in a textarea)
  • Look & Feel font choices


  • Left Navi task counts now work when Area is set to Unassigned
  • WaitingFor assignment prompt now has a pulldown menu for assignment via mouse
  • WaitingFor assignment prompt now creates new contact when clicking Save (vs return key)
  • Multi-Select Drag/Drop now properly assigns start dates / waiting for assignments to all selected items


  • Lots of css cleanup now that all of the latest browsers actually support css3 well enough
  • Cursor changes are now consistent when hovering over elements (mouse pointer finger vs arrow etc)

... and other hidden changes to bring us closer to launch-worthiness.

2011-May-13 (build 221)

New Feature: Sequential / Parallel Projects

  • Projects can now be set to behave as either Parallel or Sequential
  • Parallel Projects - tasks are grouped by state (next/waiting/scheduled); all next items appear in global Next view
  • Sequential Projects - next/waiting/scheduled tasks consolidated into one list; only the first next item appears in global Next view

New Feature: Unified Next List

  • Next > unified list view displays all standalone tasks, the first next task from projects marked as sequential, plus all next tasks from parallel projects. When a sequential project task is marked complete, the next task in the project will replace it.


  • fix: reverted project name to appear after task name when rendering task lists (by popular demand!)
  • fix: long running context menus now display a vertical scroll bar as necessary (for small screens, say, or folks with a bazillion contacts)

2011-May-08 (build 215)


  • new: compound context filtering in lists: time / energy / due / tags
  • new: account settings panel for adjusting task count display, focus and next view options
  • new: logbook range reduced to 2 weeks to accommodate low powered devices
  • fix: assigning / removing tags now happens on tap (no need for annoying save button)
  • fix: creating a new project now properly inherits the current area


  • fix: assigning a new "waiting for" contact when in task edit view no longer cancels editing
  • new: alternate themes - choose light (default) or dark via account settings panel
  • tweak: project name now precedes task name when rendering task lists

2011-May-01 (build 206)

Maintenance Release

  • fix: bug where tag names longer than 64 characters was causing sync issues
  • fix: bug where repeating tasks were being spawned with malformed task.ids, causing sync issues
  • fix: contextual (right-click) menus no longer get stuck when selecting/deselecting tags
  • fix: restored contact email address as a precursor for future functionality
  • fix: some mobile web app tweaks necessary as a precursor to restoring context filtering, which incidentally yielded a mild improvement in responsiveness (bonus!)

2011-Apr-17 (build 189)

Maintenance Release

Bug fixes surrounding Evil Tags

  • fix: bug where purging of double quotes was causing a runtime error (thanks @nick for identifying this)
  • fix: bug where a blank underscore _ tag was being inserted by default into new tasks
  • fix: added a few more behind-the-scenes, sync-related enhancements

2011-Apr-15 (build 186)

Maintenance Release

Tag cleanup on login / reload -- "evil" tags are corrected

  • html entities are decoded (this was the source of the ampersand bug)
  • illegal characters (double quotes, angle brackets) in tag names are stripped out if found

Diagnostics Panel

  • some minor tweaks to help the dev team a bit more

Sync button now has a status indicator light

  • green means all changes have been saved to the cloud
  • orange means you have changes pending to be saved (you'll see this when n2 is busy or unable to connect / offline)

Note: N2 saves changes to the cloud whenever changes are made, with a followup sweep that runs every 15 seconds. The status indicator is just to provide quick visibility.

2011-Apr-09 (build 180)

Maintenance Release

  • changes to address a number of sync-releated issues
  • hovering your mouse over the sync button shows more detailed status info
  • pressing shift+0 (that's shift+zero) will bring up a gnarly looking diagnostics panel
  • added a workaround to deal with duplicate uuids (universally unique? you'd think...)

2011-Mar-30 (build 175)


  • Fix to address the occasional "Blank Screen" bug on return visits
  • Fix to address occasional wonkiness of Sequential Next Actions (such as it is)
  • Fix to address Rapid Entry panel from displaying in Project views when settings were set to hide it

Interface Improvements

  • Repeating task properties can now be edited via spawned copies
  • Repeating task popup should now have proper css stylings
  • Contextual menu items (right-click) have been revisited for tasklist view
  • Account Settings dialog items have been cleaned up a bit (functional, though still ugly)
  • Project to dos in Next list now display top 5 items with option to expand/collapse (can be customized via Account Settings)

Known Issues

  • project due dates are still not sticking when set in edit view
  • assigning a new "waiting for" contact via task edit view cancels editing
  • plus known issues from previous build not mentioned above

2011-Mar-25 (build 171)

New Feature: Repeating Tasks

  • Tasks can now be made repeating, appearing in Scheduled
  • Copies are created according to the rules you specify (daily, weekly, monthly etc)
  • Copies, when "spawned," are created in your Next list, and are also starred so as to appear in Focus

Interface Tweaks

  • Task Edit view now has complete options for editing state, parent, effort...
  • Task Edit view now has a drop-down menu for adding contexts, in addition to the old type-ahead method
  • Task Edit context field type-ahead now matches from the beginning of the context name
  • Right-click context menus have been cleaned-up. You can right-click on any task, as well as projects in the left navi, logbook and trash
  • Scheduled tasks are now segmented into This Week, Next Week, Future Dates for clarity
  • Rapid Entry text field at the bottom can be turned off via Account Preferences
  • Changed some background colors to be a little brighter and easier to read on low-contrast monitors


  • URLs and email addresses in task notes, when clicked, now open in a new window
  • There is no longer a delay (after login) for processing scheduled and due tasks, e.g. moving them to Next

Known Issues

  • Repeating Tasks, Start Dates and Due Dates should have the option to start the week on Monday
  • Repeating Tasks UI, though functional, will be improved (calendar preview of next dates, css tweaks...)
  • Some folks have asked to have the option to revert to full text matching on context type-ahead
  • Area/Context/Contact Management is still half-baked
  • Re-assigning "Waiting For" Contacts is still awkward, and properties such as Email Address to be restored
  • When filtering by Due Dates, tasks should display in chronological order, grouped by date range

Forward Looking

  • Underpinnings for Sequential vs Parallel projects are now in place. This will facilitate a true Next Actions list.

2011-Feb-18 (build 140)

Maintenance Release
- some pre-flight optimizations to reduce load on servers

2011-Feb-17 (build 136)

New and Improved Rapid Entry

  • rapid entry text field now accepts #tag notation for adding contexts inline
  • for example: finish this to do #work
  • or maybe: finish this too while you're at it #personal #due next friday
  • or even this: clean out the attic #project #star
  • more to come

Desktop Browser UI Annoyances Fixed

  • clicking on "focus" star icon when editing a task no longer cancels out
  • project due / scheduled dates are now properly captured when editing via project view
  • rapid entry textfield no longer "freaks out" under certain conditions (chrome 9 specific)
  • new pretty inbox icon (this one's for you @Slith_hideout)
  • some css niceties here and there

Invisible Underpinnings

  • recurring tasks engine (for unit testing in production)
  • parallel vs sequential tasks (ditto)

2011-Jan-04 (build 123)

Patch: emergency fix for snooze / scheduled start date calendar popup that was defaulting to a date in the distant future (was a date string parsing glitch)

2010-Dec-20 (build 122)

New Account Settings Dashboard

New Data Export options

  • accessible via Account Settings dashboard
  • formats: csv, json, xml

Restored Email to Inbox

  • go to Account Settings and switch "Inmail" settings to Nirvana 2 instead of Nirvana 1

2010-Dec-10 (build 119)

  • Restored in-line checklists
  • Fixed: bug where double quotes in a task name would appear truncated when editing the task
  • Fixed: bug where html rendering would go wonky if task name or notes contained angle brackets
  • Fixed: bug where cancelled items were not syncing properly to server (were marked completed, but not cancelled)
  • Added: Done task group at the bottom of Next: Sequential Drilldown view so that checked items don't appear to disappear

2010-Dec-06 (build 115)

  • Preferences are finally being saved and restored correctly between sessions (enable/disable later, default/all task counts, left-navi width, preferred task groupings in focus/next among others...)
  • Rendering of projects is now the same as it was in Nirvana 1 (details above context filtering bar)
  • Left-navi: projects are now placed under the Projects heading ala Nirvana 1
  • Left-navi: items now respond to right-click for contextual menu options (projects, logbook, trash)
  • Left-navi: projects may now be drag/dropped for sorting as well as moving
  • Top-navi: restored New Project / New Task buttons
  • Hotkeys: restored "p" for new project, "t" for new task, "i" for new task in inbox, "d" for filtering lists by due
  • Adjusted some low-level ajax listeners to better identify when we have a connection, or not
  • Fixed a nasty circular reference that could cause login to create a mini DoS attack

2010-Nov-18 (build 87)

resolved ticket #184 - project's task count now accurately tallies up only the remaining incomplete tasks. incomplete items in the trash were erroneously being included in the count.

known issue: creating new project via rapid entry field still does not refresh left navi
known issue: creating new tasks in a project via rapid entry field still does not update project's task count

2010-Nov-17 (build 86)

fixed a nasty bug where deleting items from device A could cause device B to hang, if the freshly deleted tasks are still visible on device B during sync. major kudos to fbrancato for finding this.

2010-Nov-17 (build 85)


  • fixed a problem where drop-down menus would not "catch" on Chrome 7
  • a few css tweaks here and there for FireFox 4

2010-Nov-16 (build 84)


  • fixed a nasty bug where string sorting would fail if certain characters were present
  • added /reset controller to let users force a localStorage.clear()


  • manual project sorting restored
  • left navi can now be resized (but new width is still not remembered between logins, and tasklist widths are still not automatically adjusted)


  • [+] button on home screen now correctly places new tasks in Inbox

2010-Nov-14 (build 83)

restored basic print.css
note: please print with background images / colors on

2010-Nov-14 (build 82)

mobile web app now working again.

the fix in build 81 for tag filtering in browser app caused the mobile app to break, as tag filtering on mobile is still to be implemented. sorry, we forgot a conditional.

2010-Nov-14 (build 81)

Fixed filtered list sorting... no longer looses track of what should be filtered on drag/sort

Also, a few css tweaks here and there

  • default font now attempts Lucida Grande, Trebuchet MS, Arial, then sans-serif
  • areas filter pulldown has better padding
  • task.duedate has better padding
  • task.duedate silver bg has been darkened for higher contrast

2010-Nov-13 (build 80)

Added unified list view to Next

2010-Nov-11 (build 78)

First public "preview" release of Nirvana 2 !!

  • a complete rewrite of Nirvana from the ground up
  • runs offline, without an internet connection
  • UI interaction is completely decoupled from network i/o, so it’s wicked fast
  • full internationalization support built in under the hood
  • runs completely on top of the new Nirvana API
  • this is still a work in progress, and browser support is still limited