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We've Moved!

  • As of Monday, April 23, 2012 this system has become read-only!
  • As activity picks up on our new support and forums this site will be closed down.
  • If you have any outstanding support issues in this system we will still answer them here until they are resolved!

Need Support?

What's Next?

A rundown of what we're working on here at Nirvana, this document will be revised as we go. We've intentionally omitted target release dates (as that's just a recipe for misery), but we wanted to at least let folks know what's on our radar.

If you have other suggestions, please share your thoughts!

Active Development

  • Offline Mode (available now in N2 preview)
  • Recurring Tasks (available now in N2 preview)
  • Unified Next List (available now in N2 preview)
  • Improved Search (available now in N2 preview)
  • Improved Tag Management (available now in N2 preview)
  • Improved Quick Entry syntax (available now in N2 preview)
  • Export (csv/json/xml) (available now in N2 preview)
  • Feeds (ical,rss,atom)
  • Improved Email to Inbox
  • Improved Logbook
  • Updated Tutorials (video)
  • Native Android app
  • Native iPhone app
  • Developer API

In Planning / Prototype Phase

  • Smartlists
  • File Attachments
  • Native iPad app
  • Import data from other apps
  • Internationalization
  • Back button
  • Undo

What one overhears around the office pool table

  • Evernote Integration
  • Twitter DM Integration
  • Google Appstore Integration
  • Basecamp Integration
  • Delegation between users (and non-users)
  • Shared Projects
  • Comments
  • Themes
  • and much much more...