Preferences & Settings

Nirvana has several options that allow you to customize your experience as a user. This section will teach you the ways in which you can make Nirvana your very own.

Access your settings

The settings menu will allow you to set your preferences for Nirvana, manage your tags, and edit your account information. Here’s how to access it:

Change your personal details

Change your name or email

Go to your account dashboard, scroll down to Profile, click the Edit Profile link, and change your information.

Change your password

Go to your account dashboard, scroll down to Password, click the Change Password link, and follow the instructions on the page.

Good to know: You will need to enter your current password in order to update it. If you don’t remember your current password, try a password reset instead.

Set the first day of the week

You can choose to set either Sunday or Monday as the first day of the week. Setting this will affect the calendar seen when adding or modifying due and scheduled dates, as well as how items are grouped in the Scheduled list and Logbook. To set your choice:

Set your time zone

The time zone determines when date-related processes (such as the spawning of recurring tasks, the movement of scheduled tasks and due tasks to your Focus list, and the sending of focus list emails) take place. You will see this information in the Profile section of your dashboard as a plus or minus value offset to UTC: Universal Time, Coordinated.

Log into the web app, mobile app, or your account dashboard to automatically update the time zone based on your device’s settings.